Foundation of yogic culture in the light of Patanjali yoga-Dr. B. R. Sharma, Ph.D.

Principal, G.S.College of Yoga and Cultural Synthesis, Kaivalyadhama, Lonavla, India

Доклад от Йога конгреса с международно участие – София, 2013г.

Foundation-heads of all the cultures like Vedic seers, Mahavir, Buddha, Zoroaster, Christ, Mohammed & Sufis have dedicated all their life to the quest of understanding the source of suffering of mankind. These are the original masters who have developed a common culture, which is practical, methodical and a systematic for unfolding and culturing the unlimited potentialities of mankind, can be called Yogic Culture. Its roots are in ancient India; its universal origin is the burning desire in the heart of all the cultural heads – the yearning to be
happy and free of suffering. Historically it originated over 5000 years ago and handed down to us in the form of living tradition. They have found that so long we do not pay any serious attention towards our day-to-day activities, as well as, the activities of the Mother Nature, we
go on performing all our actions mechanically in life and therefore, life seems to be full of pain and miseries. However, they have also  observed that if we add our awareness to our activities-• We can understand the life and phenomenon associated with it.
• We can overcome all kinds of pain and suffering.
• We can achieve Total Integration that can lead us to Liberation.
In order to understand life phenomenon ancient seers and sages have given us a first step known as
Prayer. Significance of which is accepted in all the cultures.

Why do we recite prayers?
we shall try to find out the basis of Yogic culture by understanding the purpose of reciting prayers and also try to understand why we repeat Om Shanti – Shanti – Shanti three times at the end of the prayer? Regarding prayer it is accepted fact that if we recite it with full awareness and with an receptive attitude – It keeps our mind calm and composed by reducing our all kinds of tensions and this, in turn, helps us in
understanding the activities of the Mother Nature which works by the directions of the natural forces and thus the Universe is said to be the personification of natural forces. By reciting these prayers we learn to live in harmony with Mother Nature and thereby nature provides us conducive atmosphere to achieve our goals in life and this is what the purpose of reciting prayers is. Therefore, it is absolutely essential on our part that we should understand the import of the prayer and should try to establish contact with natural forces while offering prayers.

Why do we recite the term Shanti thrice?
Repeating Shanti 3 times preceded by Om is also significant wherein the Om is a symbol expressive of Divine Reality, transcending the three states of consciousness viz. waking, dream and deep sleep. By repeating three times the word Shanti we wish to remain free from threefold pain or suffering. Before we discuss the threefold pain let us understand the true import of the term Pain (Duhkha)- In our
day-to-day life; when the things are not happening according to our will & wish; it gives us pain and we call it duhkha “Pratikoolavedaniyam Duhkham”. When the things are happening according to our will & wish it gives us pleasure and we call it Sukha “Anukoolavedaniyam Sukham”. As we perform our activities mechanically in life we use to identify ourselves with all that which actually we are not. Infect, the objective world in itself is not painful or pleasurable however, we impose our thought on the objects and thereby the objective world becomes painful or pleasurable for us.

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